Villas de la Font


The exceptional location at the front line of the development makes the Mediterranean light be the essential component in the Model 3 Villas, transforming the spaces into functional and aesthetically brilliant rooms, maximizing wellbeing and comfort.

The marvelous open views to the sea and natural, non-constructable land add warmth and harmony to the spaces. Villas with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


Each of the bedrooms is designed to provide the harmony and balance needed to create your personal paradise, where you can make your dreams come true.

Their large windows provide that feeling of freedom, relaxation, and comfort so necessary for a regenerating rest.


Bathrooms fully equipped and with an exquisite selection of materials and finishes, always with exclusive brands and exclusive qualities. All bathrooms have abundant natural light and ventilation and represent functional and modern spaces with an optimal study of the distribution for the best use of space and the elimination of elimination of visual and functional barriers functional barriers, providing greater spaciousness and spatiality.


The villas of model 3 are built on 2 levels, designed to give full prominence to the incredible open views to the Mediterranean Sea and the spacious green area where no further construction is permitted.

Large open spaces, studied in detail to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment. The private swimming pool and parking with pergola, terrace lounge, its modern and Mediterranean design, its combination of materials and textures, make the Villas de La Font the perfect home.

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